Who created Universe?   Who created Life?  
  Where did it all begin?   Is God a Myth or Reality?
Who created God?   Why did God create Life?  
  What is the purpose of our Life?   What is Death?
What happens after Death?   What should we, the Humans, actually do?  

Well, just like the eternal mystery of 'God and Life', there is also a great deal of mystery about the 'Star and Planet Gods' - you will find numerous 'queries' and 'discussions' about this 'centuries-old superstition of Futurology' on the internet these days, such as:

Astrology is a science   Astrology is fake  
  Is there any truth to astrology?   Palmistry is true
Know your lucky number   Free Tarot Reading  
  Is astrology true?   Numerology names
Astrology is true or false?   Numerology is real science  
  Tarot card accuracy   Astrology is false
Know your love line   Is palmistry true or false?  
  Does astrology really work?   Zodiac signs fake
Palmistry marriage Line   Is astrology real?  
  Astrology tested scientifically   Is astrology a science?
Is numerology scientific?   Luck in your palms  
  How to test astrology?   Free Horoscope
Western Astrology   Indian Astrology    
  Vedic Astrology     Chinese Astrology
Arabian Astrology   Persian Astrology  
  Mesopotamian Astrology   Hellenistic Astrology 
Greek Astrology   Egyptian Astrology  
  Mesoamerican Astrology   Mayan Astrology 2012

Talking of Mayan Astrology - Hopefully U remember that we all were saved from extinction just because of our earnest and collective prayers in 2012... (Am I serious?) - Ha Ha Ha...

Well, yeah, there are unlimited 'queries' and 'discussions' about the useless and harmful 'superstition of Futurology' - BUT... now we have the answer to all such 'queries' in our - India's 1st test-based anti-astrology book entitled 'Astrology Tested Fake' (Hindi version 'Jyotish Jhooth Sabit Hua') - with the Cover Page of the book itself announcing an Award of Rs 10,00,000/- if one can prove that Astrology is True - Our challenge is open to all the Fortune-tellers of this world....