Rakesh Anand (Bobby)

A trained actor and screenplay writer from UCLA, Los Angeles, USA – Bobby (Rakesh Kumar Gupta alias Rakesh Anand) has worked in many Stage and TV programs in the capacity of an actor, writer and producer. He is the first person from his home state of Jammu and Kashmir, India who ever tried to make it big in Hollywood. Well, everything was going fine with Bobby in USA… but his faith in astrology shattered his dreams.
Bobby had left USA with the hope (because of his faith in astrology) that he would achieve success in Hollywood when he returns back – but Bobby could never go back to his dreamland! Anyway, after some years when (out of curiosity) Bobby started learning astrology, he got suspicious about its validity. He studied research work of many scientists and researchers on astrology who had proved that astrology does not actually work.
To make things clear, Bobby decided to do his own testing on astrology and… was devastated to find that astrology was actually a superstition – so… he had spoiled his life just for nothing!?
It took Bobby quite some time to come to terms with reality. Quite angered and frustrated, Bobby pledged to do something about this matter – people spoiling their lives just because of their blind faith in baseless fortune-telling systems!? Being a writer himself, it was quite natural for Bobby to write a book that would expose the ‘truth of astrology’– so, ultimately, he wrote ‘Astrology Tested Fake’ and its Hindi version ‘Jyotish Jhooth Saabit Hua’.

Well, after writing ‘Astrology Tested Fake’ when Bobby contacted some publishers in New Delhi, India regarding the publishing of his book, he got very disappointed with their negative response. It took quite some time for Bobby to understand the ‘bitter truth’ that when the publishers were selling millions of books preaching astrology and other superstitions, why should they publish and promote his books that could possibly destroy their business !? So, after some contemplation, Bobby eventually decided to publish the book himself …… and that’s how ‘God Vs Life’ was formed.

Incidentally, Bobby has always been wondering about matters related to God and Life since his early teens (after the untimely death of his mother). To know the ‘Truth’, he did in-depth study on various subjects viz. world history, civilizations, mythologies, religions, philosophies, spiritual movements, etc. – met many religious and spiritual teachers (charlatans as well) - visited many ‘spiritual places’ in the Himalayas but… all this labor made him wonder even more about the whole phenomena and, yes, he was not satisfied like millions before him…Role of God in creating Universe and Life… and the plight of living beings always disturbed him… so much… that once he was determined to renounce the worldly affairs to concentrate fully on these BIG QUESTIONS… but, later on, decided to maintain a balance between his worldly and spiritual obligations.

Well, thereafter the publishing of this book, this website was launched to make available the innocent masses not only this book but also to influence them to think more rationally about matters related to God, Life, Religion, Spiritualism, Superstitions, etc. ------ there are many superstitions prevailing in the society that are actually very harmful and detrimental to the overall development of this world (they need to be eradicated) ..…. there are many illogical myths related to religion and spirituality (they need to be clarified) ……. And at the same time, living beings need to know the ‘Truth’ …… they need to come collectively on a forum and discuss all these most important issues of ‘Life’ …. Above all, they deserve to know and meet their ‘Creator’ (if there is One). With all these factors in mind, ‘God Vs Life’ was finally formed.

Some of the objects of God Vs Life are as follows:

Spiritual Research Centers

To establish spiritual research centers and organize spiritual awareness camps for knowing more about GOD - the Creator of Life and Universe.

Awareness and Harmony

To promote awareness and harmony among all humans so that they become ONE and are beyond the limited boundaries of religious faiths.


To eradicate misleading superstitions which are harmful for the innocent and gullible masses of the society;

Yoga and Meditation Centers

To establish Yoga and Meditation centers for better physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the masses.

Help & Support

To serve all the living beings (be they humans, animals, birds, plants or any other life forms) who are in need of help of any sort or be it shelter houses for the orphans, widows, disabled, old-aged, stray animals, birds, etc. or medical facilities for the sick/injured humans, animals, birds, etc. Our help would be there where needed.