Becoming someone like Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani or Michael Jackson or Dev Anand - such 'accomplishments' are unimportant and of no value for Rakesh Anand…BUT…such accomplishments can definitely help him realize his dream - Creation of 'City of Humans' - a safe haven for the innocent victims of nonsensical religious extremism all over the world.

This is 21st Century World but the humans are still fighting in the name of their personal Gods - No sane person can believe so!!! And who's to be blamed for their ignorance and plight!!?? Of course, the selfish and greedy Politicians - they want the gullible humans to remain divided in the name of caste, colour, language, race and religion - for their own benefits. At the same time, the 'so-called intellectuals and popular personalities' also deserve our strongest condemnation. They can really help bring the required change but are doing nothing in this matter. They all have become overly selfish and have no regard for the suffering humanity. They are doing some 'good works' but are not actually doing the 'real work' that would help the humanity. So instead of eulogizing such parasites, we should strongly condemn them - they've got no balls to bring about the required change. Well…anyways…one should be concerned about one's own efforts!!!

In his upcoming novel 'Is God in COMA!?', Rakesh has described in detail the need behind the creation of 'City of Humans'. He strongly believes that with the creation of such 'heavens' all over the world, the required change can be seen in another 20 years… not 200 years. And yes, he has started working on his dream project even before the publication of his novel - he just can't simply sit and wait… well, hopefully you can also make your own contribution towards this noble cause - you can at least share this weblink for promoting the idea behind the creation of 'City of Humans'… maybe SOME BILLIONAIRE gets inspired and lo! The Dream City becomes a reality!!!