Humanity TV

Dumbfounded, devastated, pained, hurt, shattered, shocked… all such words that can describe one’s frustration, will fall short if I’m to describe my state of mind when I think of the irresponsible role played by the 21stcentury Media Bosses!! Most of them use the power of Media for their own selfish interests. Sadly, NONE of them has the balls to talk against the ‘Most Neglected Issue’ of our times and that is - to eradicate the centuries-old useless and highlyharmful RELIGIOUS Belief Systems!! They don’t seem to have learned anything from the likes of Great Men like Buddha, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Osho, etc who openly criticized the evil practices prevailing in the Religions of their times….

Everyone knows that with the advent of Printing Press in the 15th century and thereafter, TV in the 20th century –the world began to change… we came to know many things which one could have never ever imagined !! And lo, we then slowly came to know about the Whole Universe… and now in the 21st century, we’re talking about the possibility of the existence of ‘parallel’ Universes !!!

BUT… here comes the real paradox:in an age when knowledge is spreading like wildfire all over the globe through information technology… in an age when hundreds of thousands of ‘Books & Films’ come up every year… in an age when every TV channel boasts of telecasting (24 by 7) the true ‘Breaking News’ which is of utmost importance to the masses – well…well, that’s Greeaat… BUT my only question is: Why NOBODY is actually doing the REAL work that would help the Humanity!? Why don’t they reveal the ‘REAL’ TRUTH behind all Religious Faiths!? Why do they want the gullible masses to keep living with ‘Stone Age’ mentality!? Why the hell are they so damn SELFISH, of course… they all can’t be BRAIN-DEAD !?

In today’s time, even a 10 year old will tell that she can’t have 100 mothers… that ONLY ONE mother gave birth to her; then on what basis the so-called Intelligent Humans of 21st Century claim that the Earth was created by Thousands of Gods… well most surprisingly, those Gods didn’t even ever acknowledge one another !!!

If the story ended here only, that would be fine… BUT that’s absolutely not the case. Any sensible, rational person will realize that the existence of ‘Religions & Superstitions’ is causing great harm to the billions of habitants of this planet – the cunning, selfish humans use RELIGION as one of the most efficacious tools to create rifts between the gullible humans… as a result, people keep fighting, killing one another, wasting their invaluable resources in useless wars… BUT… their GODs just keep on enjoying the show, doing nothing to stop them!!!

Well… here comes our role now: We just can’t keep watching the plight of billions of fellow gullible humans!! We strongly believe that the desired CHANGE can be easily brought about through the information technology; people need to be properly educated and guided… they must be told the TRUTH behind all sorts of ‘Religions & Superstitions’!!!

Though we are already spreading the ‘Good Message’ through various Social Media Platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc… BUT since the impact of TV channels is enormously huge, it’s most important that we start an anti-superstition TV channel ‘Humanity’!! But sadly speaking, we can’t start such a TV channel at our own and so, we’re looking for some like-minded HUMANS who can provide some help in this regard… hopefully U are one of them!!!