After writing the first draft of the book entitled ‘Astrology Tested Fake’ in February 2008, Bobby made an announcement of Award Rs. 1,00,000 at the Press Club of Jammu for the ‘fortune-teller’ who would prove that Planets and Stars affect life of an individual.

Award announcement notices were advertised in local newspapers and cable channels; leading astrologers were also informed. But until the deadline of one month, only three astrologers turned up and they too made excuses and left without taking the test.

Thereafter, Bobby informed all the prominent national media regarding his research but none of them listened to him. He came to know from some insiders in the media that the media was making huge profits from the business of astrology and that was the main reason that they didn’t want to show public the ‘truth of astrology’. Very disturbed, Bobby sent copies of the manuscript to prominent political personalities but they too preferred to keep silent.

So, one can very well imagine that when the media and government of a country want to keep you in dark, no power on earth can get you of that darkness.

Undeterred by this negative response, Bobby went on to complete his book and even translated the book in Hindi (India’s national language) on the request and suggestion of many a people. Being occupied in other worldly affairs, it took Bobby two years to get the book in its printed form.

This time Bobby increased the award offer from Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000 for the fortune-teller who would prove that Stars and Planets affect the life of an individual …

On 27th of March 2010, the book was ultimately released in the ‘4th Media Excellence Awards 2010’ function at FICCI auditorium, New Delhi, India. Once again, Bobby sent copies of the book to all the prominent national media of India with a request to help him eradicate the baseless superstition of ‘fortune-telling’ systems. Their response is pending for the time being. In case, they fail to fulfill their duty towards the masses, appropriate legal action will be taken against them. We cannot just sit, wait and watch …

Bobby At The Launching Cermony of 'Astrology Tested Fake'
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