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Rakesh Anand (Bobby) [Author of 'Astrology Tested Fake' and Founder of This Website]

‘Beware of astrologers – they are parasites on society’

‘Knowing all the means to please Star and Planet Gods, the astrologer himself lived a very miserable life and died a very pitiable death’

‘How amazing it is to see people still believe in astrology when they have already suffered a lot because of their belief!’

‘The astrologer predicted auspicious times ahead but it turned out to be the worst time of her life… well, the astrologer had many reasons – the most common being that her time of birth was probably not correctly recorded’

‘Belief in astrology delays many marriages and in some cases destroys the life of those who really and most urgently need to get married but cannot just because the horoscopes do not match (especially in India)’

‘Astrologers make hundreds of predictions in a day, some come true and they start boasting about their knowledge and advertise those predictions in the whole world’

‘At 38 he lived a failed but (still) very carefree life as the astrologer had assured him that at the age of 40 when the period (Mahadasha) of Moon starts, riches will come. But by the age of 42, he was bankrupt and at the age of 45, he committed suicide because of financial crises’  

Some more Quotes on Astrology :

Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation, India)
‘I know nothing of the science of astrology and I consider it to be science, if it is a science, of doubtful value, to be severely left alone by those who have any faith in Providence’

Mahatma Buddha (Founder of Buddhism)
‘Those that get a living by calculations of the stars by such and other lying tricks are to be avoided’

Swami Vivekanand (Indian Hindu Scholar)
‘I have seen some astrologers who predicted wonderful things; but I have no reason to believe they predicted them only from the stars, or anything of that sort. In many cases it is simply mind reading. Sometimes wonderful predictions are made, but in many cases it is arrant trash’

Voltaire (French Philosopher)
‘Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy: the mad daughter of a wise mother’

Robert Green Ingersoll (American Statesman and Orator)
‘If the people were a little more ignorant, astrology would flourish – if a little more enlightened, religion would perish’

Lawrence E. Jerome (Science Writer)
‘How much physical and psychological damage such false astrological practices and advice cause, cannot even be estimated’

Ibn Uthaymeen (Saudi Scholar)
‘Astrology is kind of sorcery and fortune-telling. It is forbidden (in the Holy Quran) because it is based on illusions, not on concrete facts. There is no relation between the movements of celestial bodies and what takes place on the Earth’


Belief in God

Oh God,
Why should I believe?
When you never receive
My constant prayers
Which are always there
Why should I crave?
When you never gave
Some good ride
On my side
Why should I live?
When you never give
Just a piece of bread
For me to eat
Oh God,
Why should I believe?
Tell me… tell me why?

         By: Rakesh Anand (Bobby)

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