Here, we offer some solutions:

Read all about world history, civilizations, mythological stories, religions, spiritual movements, science books on evolution of life, etc. – this knowledge will liberate you from your present religious mind-set and you will become a liberal human being.

Don’t indulge in useless religious discussions as to which religion is the supreme – this discussion doesn’t help you anyway.

Don’t run after ‘fortune-tellers’ and such other charlatans who claim to change your destiny.

Believe in your own self and try your best.

Accept whatever life offers you with a positive attitude.

Make meditation a regular habit and keep smiling.

Be as much kind hearted towards others as possible.

Think about your loved ones who have left planet Earth – where are they now?

Think about your own self as to where would you go after leaving planet Earth?

Keep praying and write letters to God that God might meet you one day before planet Earth says goodbye to you.

Hopefully, solutions offered by us will help you, the way they have helped many other fellow humans.

Kindly Note: Easy Meditation and Stress-Relief techniques/courses can be made available to enhance your spiritual growth and happiness in life. Email us your brief personal history and requirement in this regard.